15. Sep, 2016

12.09.16 Yachats, Oregon to Lake Lemolo, 18 miles North of Crater Lake, Oregon.

We began this morning at 20 feet above sea level, and ended our day at 4,500 feet above sea level.

The going today was on true motorcycling roads.  Starting off on Pacific Highway 101 with the sea mist drenched roads through we rode through twisty corners wending away parallel to the ocean.

We stopped for a look at Heceta Head Lighthouse and Sea Lion Cave.  We were above the cave and the calls of the Sea Lions were so loud, it was like a pack of barking dogs, with the occasional howl. 

Yesterday, at Yaquina the small fishing town we stopped at, it was possible to buy fish for feeding to the many seals that lined the boardwalks out to sea.  We thought how much better it was to hear and see those wonderful Sea Lion’s in their natural environment, diving for fish, and flipping up out of the water.

Heceta Head was also a sight to behold, nestling into the side of a large protruding rock, working away to keep ships safe.  A very famous Oregon sight.

Later, our route turned us Eastward back through thick forests, before we were suddenly surrounded by hills covered in scorched grass.  This went on for perhaps 10 miles.

We stopped at a Gas Station to ask about the next Trading Post, as we knew there would be nothing to eat, nor any shops at tonight’s stop.  Paul asked a fellow motorcyclist, who was most helpful advising him about the Trading Post, plus Gas Stations and a restaurant on the way to Crater Lake, our destination tomorrow.  He also had some good suggestions for our onward journey, after visiting Crater Lake.  Lastly, he told us about how the county is just at the end of the hot season, where there is now High Fire Risk.  The rains will begin in about 3 weeks time and continue on and off until the beginning of July, thus explaining why the trees are so very green.

After having a lovely lunch at the Trading Post, we bought some supplies, and rode the last 50 miles to Lemolo Lake pretty much alone on the wonderful roads.  The Lemolo Lake Resort is a little strange, but perhaps only as you would expect with something that really is in the middle of nowhere.  We shall head out shortly for a walk around the lake.