15. Sep, 2016

14.09.16 Crater Lake, Oregon to Crescent City, California

This week has seen us pass our 12,500th mile and complete the mission of riding from East Coast to West Coast USA. We have been 11 weeks on the road, which sometimes seems longer and other times seems like the blink of an eye.

What we have seen in that time is unbelievable.  Each day we meet people who give us new ideas and suggestions of roads to take and places to visit. We know we shall never manage them all in this one trip.  Some ideas we have stored away for another time, for revisiting by car or camper van in the future, others we may just have to accept we may not see.  My mind runs on overdrive trying to recall everything that it has recorded.  We are so lucky.

Today saw us leaving Crater Lake, with a smattering of frost on the sidecar cover.  Brrr, it was extremely chilly again.  The motel owner told me to ‘Try and Keep Warm’ with a cheeky grin.  Still, the cold only lasted perhaps 30 minutes before it made double figures.

The ride today took us westwards through beautiful tree lined roads with rivers running alongside, the Rogue River ran alongside us for a long time. We also rode through a town called Wonder.

We are in Crescent City, California tonight, and on the way here Paul collected information from the Information Centre about riding through the Redwood State Park tomorrow.  We cannot wait, as we have already had a glimpse just on the way into town of these magnificent trees.

We had a great fish dinner at a Fisherman’s restaurant at the harbour opposite the motel, then took a walk through the harbour, where we were lucky enough to see pelicans fishing.