16. Sep, 2016

15.09.16 Crescent City, California to Willits, California

To the Redwoods!  Wow, what a day, we have been blown away by the sheer magnificence of these beautiful trees that cover the Californian coastline.

There are four National Parks of these Redwood trees, covering 133,000 acres of land. The Redwood trees are the tallest and one of the largest tree species on Earth. They can be anything up to 2,000 years old and 300 feet high.

They were saved as a species and preserved with National Park status, in 1918 by a save the Redwoods campaign.  This was because in the previous 60 years the land covered by the forests was depleted from 2,000,000 acres by lumber men, and gold miners who had no success in gold mining, who turned to logging to provide lumber for San Francisco which was growing rapidly, 

The trees now have World Heritage status.

We took a loop through a tight knit forest with gravel roads that was magical, and made me think of The Faraway Tree.

One of those days when you are truly delighted to be alive, and humbled by Nature’s wonderful ways.

As we pulled up to our motel for the night, Paul showed me that the total mileage on the bike had clicked over to 70,000 miles.  He was quite chuffed.

Tonight, a stay at the Old Wild West Inn in Willits, an original ‘Out West’ town.  The ,motel is made out in the manner of an old Western town, with the bakery, Barbers, Hotel, Saloon, etc.  We are staying the night in the Doctors!

A day off tomorrow, and a rest.