18. Sep, 2016

17.09.16. Willits, California to Folsom, California.

We left the Wild West Inn, and carried on along Highway 20.  The other day when Paul visited the information centre about the Redwoods Park, the guide had advised him there were a lot of road works on the highway we had planned to take to Reno.  She suggested Highway 20 as an alternative, which really was good advice.

As we left the town, the landscape became extremely dry looking and almost desert like.  This was interspersed by the most beautiful gleaming lakes, Lakeview, Upper Lake, Williams Lake, Natoma Lake.

The temperature continued to rise rapidly from the 20 degrees Celsius when we started to a scorching 35 degrees Celsius at about 4pm when we stopped.  We have made a return the the hot weather, although there is zero humidity, so it’s generally more comfortable than when there is a wet heat. (Like in those long forgotten cornfield states back East!).

We pulled in to a family run Fruit and Veg stall this morning, which was amazing.  Apart from corn being sold, this is the first time we have seen such beautiful fruit and veggies like nectarines, peaches, plums, squash, strawberries.  We had strawberries and sat and watched as the locals (who all spoke in Spanish) picked the outer layers of the corn away and threw them back into the container for someone else to deal with later.  They were buying boxes and boxes of corn, perhaps 40 or 50 cobs.  We were left wondering what they might do with them all.

We have had a few pleasant on the road encounters this last few days, mainly from people visiting the area from out of state.  We have returned to people telling us they ‘love the accent’ again (as If we chose to speak like this!), but the last three or four people we have spoken to have all told us of their love of British Comedy. Doc Martin and Cornwall gets mentioned often (with Paul being told he looked like Martin Clunes?), Last of the Summer Wine, Little Britain, Catherine Tate, Ab Fab.  I’m guessing as these people we have encountered drive off they say, oh didn’t he sound like so and so.  I returned from a loo visit the other day to find Paul chatting with a lovely couple, Holly and Dan, and when I spoke, Dan said: ‘she sounds the same as you do!’.  I’m glad we have added another layer of entertainment for the American’s rather than just being the comedy act in the funny vehicle, with the sidecar on the wrong side!

Tonight we are at Folsom, home of Folsom State Prison, a place that Johnny Cash sings about in a song that Paul rather likes.  Needless to say the song has been playing on a loop in my head all day long.