19. Sep, 2016

18.09.16 Folsom Lake, California to Topaz Lake, Nevada

After the roasting 35 degree heat yesterday, we were pleased it was a little cooler this morning when we started out.

We left Folsom Prison whoops I mean Lake and after a little highway run were soon onto some narrower roads, winding in and out of scorched countryside.

We had decided to ride a road that had been recommended to us a few weeks ago by Richard Duvall, over a Thai meal on an evening’s stopover along the Sea to Sky road back near Whistler in Canada.

Richard took the trouble to talk us through several of the Sierra passes which come out Lake Tahoe when travelling East as we are. Richard had been particularly fired up about Ebbets Pass, so we decided to take that one today, and we were not at all sorry.

The road, number 4 is described as a National Scenic Byway, and it is not at all hard to see why. There is a warning at a certain point along the road that is not recommended for longer vehicles, and and as you pass that, the road turns twisty, and tight threading it’s way through tree lined vistas and taking us higher and higher up over and  above the height of the Sierra Nevada mountains, so the views were superb.

Needless to say, there were a lot of bikers out enjoying this road, and the temperature was a perfect 25 degrees Celsius.

This was not the only highlight of the day, we were lucky enough to meet two interesting people:

Firstly Greg on his BMW 1200 GS, who had a Ural sidecar outfit at home (Our sidecar is a Ural, and very few people recognise this Russian make).

Secondly, Hobie who was an older gentleman that we met at a view stop going over the pass.  He was very excited to ask us about the bike- ‘Is it a single cylinder?’- he was almost disappointed when Paul told him it wasn’t.  He told us that he had ridden a BMW R26 around Europe for six months in his younger days, and was very interested in what we were doing. We took some photos, and when we returned to the bike we found Hobie standing by the bike very excitedly telling two other people all about our trip!  We asked Hobie if he would let us take his photo with the bike, and he was very pleased to.  He told us that ‘the riding trip was the best time of my life!’.  What a privilege to meet him.

When the pass ended we were expecting a straight road over to the motel, but no, highway 89, Monitor Pass was just as stunning for the last 20 miles or so. 

We are tired now, but what a great day.