21. Sep, 2016

19.09.16-20.09.16 Topaz Lake, Nevada to Tonopah, Nevada

Starting off yesterday morning, and at an immediate stop for gas, we met Dan and John, a couple of great guys who were part of a group, off to ride Sonora pass, one of the other beautiful passes that Richard had recommended to us.  They were up from San Francisco Bay for a few days, to have fun. They were sports bike riders, who are generally more keen to talk to us, than Harley Riders.  There is a definite clique of whichever group you belong to here.  It’s great to be part of a gang.


The ride was very straight, hot and dry yesterday, taking us directly through Indian Reservation land, and then past the ‘World’s Largest Ammunition Depot’, owned by the US army.  Bizarrely, we noticed that the dedications alongside the highway, were for the Troops that died in World War I, World War II, The Gulf Wars, Afghanistan War, and The War on Terror- seemed strange to us sitting alongside all that ammo……….


This morning we visited the Tonopah Nevada Museum, which was very interesting, showing old photographs of this Wild West looking town, which became a mining town in 1900, when silver and gold ore was discovered by prospector Jim Butler. The museum had a lot of information about the different people who had worked in the mine, serviced the town, built the hotel that we are staying in (which was built in 1907, and is styled in the manner of that period.) There were Chinese, Italians, Irish, Austrians, Slovenians, all working together.  There was a huge amount of old photos, and information about the Air Force testing base, which was located very near to the town, which we enjoyed.  However, the best part though was all the old mining machinery, mining cabins, tools, set against the desert background, of cacti, Joshua trees, and various succulent plants.

We will spend the rest of the day doing some planning for Mexico, which we suddenly seem to be much nearer.