22. Sep, 2016

21.09.16 Tonopah, Nevada to Cedar City, Utah

We set off this morning in a much chillier 13 degrees.  This area of the Desert is known as cool desert.  All the desert we rode through today on our 280 mile trip over to Cedar City in Utah is at a high elevation, 4,000 feet and above.  This means that although there can be scorching days, there can also be very cool days, and nights, sometimes even snow.  The temperatures, particularly at this time of year can range from 35 degrees Celsius in the day to 0 degrees Celsius at night.

Reminding us of the long stretches of roads without habitation of any kind along the Alaskan highway, after leaving Tonopah this morning, there was quickly a sign that there was no gas for 163 miles. Lucky we carry our extra cans, as one tank full of fuel would not necessarily take us that far.

We knew that there was a town called Rachel along this deserted highway, but what we didn’t realise until we arrived was that Rachel forms part of ‘Area 51’, the Extra Terrestrial highway!  We didn’t see E.T, but Paul did spot a sign stating that a Red Flag warning was in operation until Thursday.  When I ordered drinks in ‘The Little Aleiinn’ I asked the proprietor what it meant. She told me it was a severe weather warning, and that there was a big storm on it’s way, likely to wash out roads, and show no mercy.  She suggested that we drink up and head off quickly, which is what we opted to do.  A shame though, because that was one interesting place, full of Alien Hunters!

Fortunately, we outran the storm, which was a real relief, being that there was absolutely no shelter for the next 100 miles or so.  There was minimal rain, with a very definite beginning and end that lasted for about a minute.

When we finally arrived at the gas stop, and had two hot dogs and a small drink for a dollar, we were lucky enough to meet Agi and Eugene, a couple who live in Oregon, who had ridden their bikes down to Arizona, and were making there way back up, visiting Yosemite National Park (one we missed this time), and then going to a bike meeting on Friday.  We have been in touch with a guy called Sam Manicom, who is a travel writer, and will be attending this meeting, so we asked Agi and Eugene to say hello from us.  What a lovely couple, they were disappointed that we could not visit them in Oregon. Maybe next time guys.

So, we’ve made it into Cedar City which has a definite Hispanic feel to it, and the clocks have changed again for us.  We are now 9 hours behind home again.