30. Sep, 2016

28.09.16. Flagstaff, Arizona to Buckeye, Arizona.

Today we have celebrated our 100th day on the road!


During that time:

We have visited 22 American States, and stayed overnight in 21 of them.


We have visited 10 National Parks in the US.


We visited three of Canada’s Provinces: Yukon, Alberta and British Columbia


We have ridden 15,000 miles.


Before too long we shall be moving on to the next stage in Mexico, but for now……..


Today started off with rains in Flagstaff, pretty chilly around 10 degrees celsius, and increasing over the day to 39 degrees celsius at its peak.  The first part of the day took us through tree lined roads which reminded us very much of home. Then we started to rise higher and higher until suddenly we turned a corner and were hit with a wall of heat.


We arrived in the deserts of Phoenix, Arizona. It is, as you would imagine very hot, very dry but not very humid. Being a huge city, there is a massive grid system, and navigating the city was somewhat interesting!


Yesterday, we had discovered when checking out some information regarding border crossings in Central America, that we had left a couple of vital documents behind. Both our Vaccination cards for Yellow Fever, and our Health Passports stating all the innoculations we have had were missing.  As we shall need these when passing from one country to the next, especially if there is a prevalence of Yellow Fever in the preceding country, they are important! We didn’t quite understand how they had been forgotten, but these things happen, and so we set to making a plan of what to do now.  Luckily, I had a good idea of where they had been left, and was able to ask my Mum to very kindly go and find them for us.  Our good friend Alan will collect them tomorrow and send them in priority international mail for us to collect from a UPS store (which just happens to be opposite our hotel).  This has only set us back a couple of days, which is lucky.


So, with the scare of the missing documents looking like it was under control, we thought we’d take the extra time to head over to Glendale near Phoenix, and visit Jesse Luggage.  Al Jesse makes the panniers that we have on our bike (and which I also had on my bike), and they are really wonderful.  Al is a World Traveller who saw a need for a particular type of hardwearing, well designed luggage carriers, and so designed and made them himself.


We were lucky enough to arrive and see Al and Kris, who works for Jesse, and who we had previously been in touch.  Despite us not arriving until after 4pm, they made us very welcome. Al made a minor adjustment to our top box, whilst I chatted and laughed with Kris. Al then sat down with us and our map and very kindly took us through lots of good and useful information about Mexico, regarding where to cross the border, where is good to visit, drinking the water, staying safe, eating - that kind of thing.  It was extremely good to hear positive, enthusiastic advice from someone who knows, and very much appreciated.


To close for now, as we started the day celebrating 100 days on the road, and hoping for another wonderful 100 days to come.