1. Oct, 2016

29.09.16- 30.09.16. Buckeye, Arizona

We had already arranged to head over to GO AZ Motorcycles sometime on Thursday to collect a new sidecar tyre, have it fitted plus another oil and filter change in preperation for next week and the road to Mexico.


We had been told just to arrive anytime, and they would fit us in, so we headed over for about 11 am. It was right back over the other side of Phoenix, so we took the busy loop road, 101 around Phoenix to get there. It was ok, not too hot, about 27 degrees and quite overcast.


When we arrived at the dealership, we were stunned by its sheer size! Apparently Scottsdale where it is located is an extremely wealthy part of Arizona, hence the dealership sold all kind of motorcycles: BMW’s, Urals (with sidecars), Kawasaki, KTM, Vespa’s.  There were three huge buildings with a motorcycle training centre out the back and motorcycle simulators.  It was truly like nothing we had ever seen before.  There were endless staff working within the buildings, and during our three hours waiting for the work to be done, we had a good chat with a few.  This included ‘Chappy’, a Chaplain, who we assumed now worked in Sales, who enjoyed telling us about his experiences when he was stationed in England as a Chaplain in the Navy, plus about his many trips down by motorcycle to Central America, to do ‘God’s Work’. Whilst we waited, a uniformed police officer was also having work done on his work bike (so he sat next to us, with his gun swinging from his hip- (’packing heat’- the term used when someone asked me the other day if I carried a gun!). All very interesting, and yet more of an interesting experience.  Another favourite topic at the moment is Clinton v. Trump, and everyone has their opinions here on what is happening.  Overall, the general consensus seems to be that the American folks don’t really want either one of them, and yet there is apparently more of a general interest than there has been for a long time in the election.


We could, whilst we were idling our time away at Go Az have popped next door, and either a) renewed our wedding vows b) watched a film in the cinema or c) had a tattoo within the Harley Davidson store! That store was truly a megastore, with two storeys all the way around, and housing all those (very essential) extras.  We knew Harley was a way of life here, but wow!


Today we have been doing essentials, washing, haircuts, stocking up on bits and pieces that have run low, catching up with people. Paul has gone outside to change the spotlight bulb that blew on the sidecar the other day- oh, but hang on! When I have looked out of the window, Paul and another guy are both crouched down in front of the bike, and who is changing the bulb? Of course! The other guy, another new friend made, I’m guessing.


We’ve also had a bit of time to reflect and had a brief look back through photos from the beginning of our journey, back in late June. The things we have seen, and done seem just unreal at times. We feel so lucky to experience this, and there’s more to come yet …………….