2. Oct, 2016

02.10.16 Buckeye, Arizona

We awaited our parcel from home eagerly yesterday, with those very important documents.  We had found out that the UPS store, opposite where we’re staying remains open until 4pm on a Saturday.  Paul popped into the store about 11 am, and was told that the delivery normally comes about 3.45pm on a Saturday………..


Sometimes the great thing about being stuck somewhere is what other things come your way instead.  We knew that Sam Manicom was to be in town, 30 minutes from where we are staying, doing a presentation.  Sam is a guy who writes tremendous adventure travel books, and has travelled around the world by BMW motorcycle. We had previously been close to where Sam has been travelling in the U.S a couple of times, but not managed to see hm, so we were very glad that we had the opportunity to go and hear him speak.


We rode across, in scorching weather, back on the busy highway (now with the added pleasure of being down to only one lane for roadworks!), and found our way to GOAZ in Peoria for the 1pm start. As soon as we went through the doors, we bumped into Al Jesse, who we met the other day, and his wife Julie.  They were supporting Sam, and in fact Sam was staying at their house.


The presentation was fabulous, Sam is an interesting speaker, and the photographs brought to life the places he has visited.  We both find him extremely inspiring.  


We had thought we would have to make a quick getaway from the presentation, to collect our parcel, but when Paul checked, he noticed the estimated delivery date was now put back to Monday. Disappointing, yet actually, brilliant, as it meant we could stay and chat to Sam after the talk.


What actually happened was beyond exciting for us, as Al and Julie invited us back to their house for a BBQ with Sam and also Iain Harper, a lovely guy who runs a company for Overland Travellers, called Overland Junction.


It turned out that Julie and Al were outnumbered by the English folks around the kitchen table, 4 to 2!


We spent a wonderful evening swapping stories, receiving great tips (us), and generally having a great laugh. New friends made. We even got Sam to sit in the sidecar for a photo, his first time ever in a sidecar!


So, although we are stuck for another day or so, we are feeling inspired, and excited by what comes next.  It is truly wonderful to feel a part of the overland travelling community, which is a new concept for us, but makes us feel supported in a different way.