5. Oct, 2016

04.10.16 Buckeye, Arizona to Wellton, Arizona

At last! We can leave, the documents we were waiting for turned up last thing yesterday, making us wait til the very last minute, but oh boy, were we relieved to see them. Thanks Mum and Alan for your joint efforts in getting them to us.


As we intend to head over the Mexican border tomorrow morning, this meant we only had a short ride of 130 miles down the Interstate today. Accompanied by clouds of dust rising either side of the road where cars were driving quickly through the dune roads.  It was hot, dusty and very dry, so we made sure to stop and drink plenty.


It seems like a real no man’s land we’re heading through here, and the motel we are stopped at for the night seems to be full of the military, homeland security and the various contractors they employ.  It must be a huge source of employment manning all the many Mexican border crossings, plus keeping an eye on the mountains that surround us here to the South.


We are feeling ready for the next stage of our trip, if all goes to plan over the next few months we shall be crossing up to about 10 borders.  We are trying our best to be organised, ensuring all the paperwork that is required to leave the USA, and enter into Mexico is ready.  The most important thing is to have the bike stamped in and out of the countries, to ensure we don’t have to turn back and ride a reverse route because of a missed stamp.


We are currently following on Facebook a few people that are ahead of us by a few weeks/ a week and a couple of days, so we can see the beauty that is ahead of us, and they all have very positive things to say about Mexico. Exciting!