10. Oct, 2016

09.10.16. Guerrero Negro, Baja California to Loreto, Baja California

Even though we were up before dawn this morning, the quick exit we planned just did not materialise. That just happens sometimes. It was to be another larger day than normal, as Baja California North and South is not very populated, and we are aiming for the larger towns to ensure somewhere secure to hide the bike away at night.

Alongside the main road, still Highway 1, we come across roadhouse type places every so often that sell cold drinks, and beers, but are literally a room in someone’s home. There were a few larger towns, with more shops and facilities, but still fairly basic. One of these towns is San Ignacio where there is the Jesuit Mision of San Ignacio dating from 1728. The Mision was extremely beautiful, particularly against the blue skies of today. What, however made it especially poignant today was the singing from the congregation at Sunday service.

Whilst enjoying a cold drink, and idling some time on the square at San Ignacio we met two guys Dave and Jorgen from California who had been riding the trails of Baja California. We enjoyed spending half an hour swapping stories.

Moving on, the temperature had heated up considerably, so we found the next leg a little more hard going, entering into desert lands again, as the road cut through the centre of the peninsula, before taking us back down the stunning East coast.

When we left those guys, back in Guerrero Negro, Jorgen had a problem with his bike that the guys were taking a look at it. Their parting words were ‘if we can’t get it fixed, we’ll see you on the road to Loreto’, if they did fix it, they would be back on the trails. In fact, we passed them one more time, and they twice passed us throughout the rest of the day - so we guess it wasn’t fixed.

On our last stop of the day, we had just made a pass by and waved to a guy on a bicycle. We were taking the shade, and he rolled in to a stop, giving us a wave. After he had collected himself we got chatting, with him. What a great guy, Charles was from Quebec and had started his cycling journey there on April 21st. He had meandered through the USA, and his ultimate goal, like ours is Ushuaia, Argentina. He expects it may take another year, as he ‘only goes slow’. Charles had found the weather challenging today (like us, it seemed very humid), and was looking forward to pulling off into the cacti to pitch his tent very soon. Actually, later he admitted that last night he had pitched near one of the cafe roadhouses, and maybe had a few too many Tecate beers, so had been a little restless during the night, particularly with all the howling dogs. We wished Charles all the luck, and safe travels, before moving on again.

We ate some local Mexican cuisine tonight, once again, delicious- but even more so because this time we were serenaded by two guitar playing Mexicans singing us ‘happy songs’. So far, our introduction to Mexico has been incredibly friendly and warm.