14. Oct, 2016

10.10.16 Loreto, Baja California to San Blas, Nyarit (mainland Mexico). Days 112-14

After  Loreto our next nights stop was at Ciudad Constitucion. It was not a long ride, so we left later in the morning. The mistake we made at that point was keeping our air conditioning on for too long before leaving, and stepping out into scorching heat, perhaps 35 Celsius already.


We rode for only 31/2 hours, but the heat exhaustion we experienced was immense. By the time we reached Ciudad Constitucion we were ready for nothing other than holing up in our hotel room with cheese and ham and waiting for the coolness of the next morning. Next morning found us making our way for the ferry at a more even temperature having made use of the fan but not the air conditioning, much wiser.


Our ferry was to leave at 8pm for Mazatlan on the mainland of Mexico, but we were concerned to get there early, because we had tickets to collect and were unsure of whether these were for collection in town, some 10 miles from the port, or actually inside the port. As it turned out it was extremely straightforward, we collected the tickets easily, paid some sort of port authority tax, then set ourselves up to wait the 3 hours before embarkation.


During this time we met two Bulgarian cyclists, who had begun their journey in Deadhorse, Alaska and had been riding for 520 days, all over the USA. Their goal is also Argentina. They aim to take two years. We also met a German couple who had shipped their motorhome into Baltimore, three months ago and had driven across the USA before turning South, their goal is also Argentina. They also aim to take two years. It turned out all three of us sets of couples had ridden 16,000 miles to arrive at this point! Fascinating.


This helped pass the time until we had to board, when bizarrely I had to board as a foot passenger, whilst Paul rode on. So my helmet and tank bag had to go through the X-ray machine, whilst I sweated along wearing my bike coat. We are less sure of leaving our luggage or coats behind on the bike now, and feel we should be more careful. Once onboard, the ship was wonderful, all very spacious, spotless, and the staff courteous. .


The crossing took 14 hours, then we disembarked as we had got on, with me being a foot passenger. Consequently, when Paul had to pay 20 Mexican pesos to come and get me (?!), he found me extremely hot and bothered already. So, off we set late in the day again, with the Celsius soaring up to 37, and us both discovering very quickly what it's like to be in a tropical climate!


The surrounding countryside in our way to San Blas tonight was just beautiful, stunning tropical green trees interlaced with purple grandmother pop out of beds, in great swathes everywhere. This later gave way to a lot of banana plantations. We saw bananas for sale, 3 kilos worth for about £1. There were also coconuts, mango and watermelon, all of which we will try. San Blas is on the coast, in fact our "bungalow" is on the beach, but there is no respite from the relentless heat. It's possible we may have to rethink our route through cooler climes.