18. Oct, 2016

17.10.16. Manzanillo, Coastalegre to Lazaro Cardenas,Michachoan, Mexico

We left early this morning away as the sun rose, to beat the heat and because we had a big days riding of us.  Once again it seems to be a long way between anywhere.


It certainly wasn’t as humid today, and we made plenty of stops to keep hydrated, although it was a tough ride.


We stopped at a tiny shop for drinks and a cool and got ‘chatting’ to the lady who owned the shore who was swinging in her hammock.  She told us there was ‘muchas curvas’ coming up (many bends), but only for about 20 kilometres, maybe half an hour.


An hour and fifteen minutes later, after chugging up and down behind three trucks, we stopped with our tongues hanging out, and Paul was really sweating hard and exhausted. He said to me ‘that sweet old lady was a bloody liar!’.


Wherever we stop, we normally get at least a few people staring, but this time there were a few people interested enough to chat.  They speak so quickly here, and with a lot of different words from the Spanish we have learnt that it’s very difficult to understand them. They don’t speak English at all (and why should they?). Still, Paul understood one chap enough to know he was a fisherman and wanted us to go out in his boat to take us to the famous tunnel formation in the sea.  Sadly, we didn’t have time today. I turned to Paul, and he said only about an hour and half to go, 40 miles.


However, fate had different ideas and 10 miles from our destination, we had another puncture! We couldn’t believe it, Paul was hopping mad! Still, he took his time, and repeated all the processes for the third time this trip, using the replacement inner tube that we only got on Saturday.  We were set and ready to go in less than hour this time. The relief we felt on arriving at our hotel tonight after 9 hours on the road was tremendous, So, now we have another job for tomorrow, inner tube hunting. This mornings job was headlamp bulb hunting, as they like to continually blow on us too.  All part of the day’s riding, and we are beginning to take these things more in our stride.