19. Oct, 2016

18.10.16 Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan to Morelia, Michoacan


We left this morning, in search of a Honda shop, in the hopes of buying replacement inner tubes and having the tube that went down yesterday patched if we could, although we had struggled to find the hole in it. We wanted to set off with two new and the patched inner tube if possible.


So away we rode from last night’s lovely little hotel, which had been extremely secure with locked gates, but it also had barbed wire around the top of the walls, hmmm, as the nearest restaurant was 10 blocks walk away, we opted for the safer option of having a take-away ordered in for us.  


Yesterday had been a very long and hot day, and we had already begun to question whether to carry on with our route along the coast.  The road conditions were becoming quite bad in places, and the Mexican ‘Topes’ (speed bumps) on the way into and out of each town are completely over the top. There can be up to 12 in and 12 out, and alot of them are in very poor condition.


Perhaps though, on top of the second puncture in four days, another deciding factor to change our route was the marked increase in police and military presence, all looking very fierce with their guns prominently on display.  They clearly have a problem in this state that they didn’t seem to have further up the coast.  It makes for an uneasy feeling.  This helped fuel our decision to take the faster toll roads for a while, meaning a turn inland.


We found the Honda shop after a minor detour courtesy of Google maps, and the mechanic there Roberto could not have been more helpful.  He nipped off on his little scooter around the town for puncture repair (he found the puncture hole), and two separate places for inner tubes.  What a star.  


About 11.30 am we set off along the toll roads, which still were lined with beautiful scenery, and as we moved inland we left behind the tropical weather for arid desert, which finally gave way to a very chilly feeling 20 degrees at our stop tonight. The town of Morelia, which is surrounded by mountains.


We are both looking forward to an excellent and much cooler night's sleep tonight.