21. Oct, 2016

19-20.10.16 Morelia, Guerrero via Cholula, Morelos to Acayucan, Veracruz. Day 123

Leaving Morelia yesterday morning was really cold! Only 13 degrees celsius, as we waved goodbye to the owners of the ‘cabin’ we had stayed in the night before.  To be fair, it was fairly upmarket for a cabin, and probably the nicest place we have stayed so far in Mexico.


As there wasn’t breakfast provided, we decided to head on to the motorway, and get some at the services. Just a quick shoot through the town, or so we thought, ¾ hour later, we were still fighting our way through the traffic. The town was overrun with police, all armed, directing traffic around what looked set to be a very large demonstration, or maybe political conference, perhaps. We are far more used to the police presence now, but are still amazed that there seem to be at least 4 policemen per 1 citizen!


Eventually we came out the other side, and bombed along the motorway to the first services. Whilst there, we met a guy who was very interested in what we were doing.  He was with his family, and made his wife drop everything and take his photograph with us, before going into the shop.  Whilst he was in the shop, I looked up to see him just gazing out of the window at us with a complete look of awe on his face. When I returned from the loo, he was outside again chatting away with Paul, and really excited.  I don’t think he’d ever come across such fools before!


Later, at another stop, and after another loo run, I came out to find another woman sitting in my sidecar! Apparently, the couple had spotted us when filling their bike with petrol and rushed straight over to ask Paul if they could sit in and on it, to have their photos taken, so of course he obliged.


Last night we stopped in another Pueblo Magico, Cholula, a very pretty little town that we enjoyed having a look around.


Today was another cold start, followed by a good clear ride of 270 miles to the very lovely town of Acayacan. The town square opposite our hotel is alive with roosting birds, and as I type the noise is so loud we can hear it above the air conditioning. We may stop for an extra day tomorrow, we’ll see what the morning brings.