22. Oct, 2016

22.10.16, Acayucan, Veracruz, Mexico

We decided to stay for another night in what we had thought was a tiny colonial town. It turns out to have a population of 50,000.


The streets of the town are laid out on a grid system, as in the USA, but here they teem with life. As we walked around the town square and surrounds earlier, we were astounded by the shops that almost run one into the other, selling their wares right up to the pavement’s edge. All brightly coloured, and playing music so loud, it’s a riot of sound.


In amongst this, you hear the sound of the police sirens (just used to make a way through the very busy traffic I think), plus tiny little vans or ape’s with huge megaphones attached to the top, all competing with each other to be the loudest, to draw attention to what they are selling.


There were also street vendors selling bags, balloons, wooden crafted items, rugs, blankets, belts, cut fruit, coconut drinks, peeled peanuts, shelled peanuts, doughnuts, cakes and one man tried to sell us a plant he had ‘invented’.


The square could easily fit thousands of people into it, it is raised up and very attractive, surrounded by the trees, which are filled with those nosy little bird (active again as I write).

We will move on tomorrow, we are nearing the border with every day.  It is humid again today, we are returning to tropical lands, in stark contrast to the chilly snow capped mountain we saw yesterday.