28. Oct, 2016

27.10.16 Huehuetenango, Huehuetenango to Pastores, Sacatepequez. Guatemala

Paul woke feeling a bit under the weather this morning.  He had the shivers during the night, and was feeling low on energy and lethargic, and struggled to eat any breakfast.


After a couple of ibuprofen, and a rehydrate packet, he felt well enough to set off, but was not looking forward to the tumulos today. We had planned a much shorter distance because of the challenging roads here.  Luckily for us, the tumulos were a little less bumpy, and then when we passed through and out the other side of the busy town of San Cristobal, there was lovely dual carriageway. It did wind it’s way up and down some very twisty mountains, but dual carriageway! It’s a while since we saw that, and it was so much appreciated.


The dual carriageway ran almost all the way to our stop for tonight, taking us past the beautiful Lake Atitlan, which was enjoyable, particularly as the temperature was mainly around 20 degrees celsius.


We’re navigating using only Google Maps on our phones (you can still use the gps tracker even without a signal,) and a paper map, which works well until the last few minutes of trying to find our place for the night, particularly as all the roads disappeared from Google Maps.  Still, we found it, tucked away in a side street, and for the first time they didn’t seem to know we were coming, but quickly rallied around moving their car so we could get the bike behind their locked gates, and making up our room.


Paul is having a snooze, and will hopefully sleep off the rest of what’s wrong overnight.  It’s very peaceful and beautiful here. Guatemala is proving to be a lot more Spanish in influence and with stunning scenery.  The people have continued to be extremely friendly, and very interested in us.