29. Oct, 2016

28.10.16 Pastores, Sacatepequez to Chiquimula, Chiquimula. Guatemala

Paul was still feeling under the weather today, but we decided to move on as we had tonight booked already, and last nights accommodation was very nice, but not somewhere we wanted to stay for a while, despite meeting Sparky the dog, and his little French dog mate.  Sparky wanted to come with us, and had jumped up to greet Paul as soon as we arrived. We knew that we were heading for a small city, and that would be a nicer place if we needed to stay for a while.


Today’s route was to take us past Guatemala City, we had planned the route using the paper map and Google Maps, and had written instructions to try and follow to navigate around the capital. Paul had spent time memorising the route. It worked pretty well, considering the amount of traffic and distinct lack of any signs, and within a couple of hours we were breathing a sigh of relief that we were out the other side, and Paul was tucking into a shop bought sarnie.  Sustenance after our breakfast of bananas. (Well, we are in the Banana Republics!).


We continued on our way along dual carriageway for a while, before it returned to one lane abruptly and we started chugging up the mountain roads, and back into the heat, we turned a corner and suddenly the temperature rose to 33 degrees again.


As we rode through this section, we caught sight of a BMW R1200GS heading in the other direction, and waved. The rider did not see us, as it was on a bend, in a very busy section. The rider turned out to be Brent Carroll, a nice guy that we have been in touch with who is also riding the Americas. He had crossed into Mexico, when we were still back at Phoenix, Arizona, and we have been a few days behind him ever since. Hopefully, we can catch up with him a little further down the road somewhere.


Somebody else who we have been in touch with since being away is John and Wendy, who also have had a Ural sidecar attached to their BMW1150GS by Watsonian Squire.  Watsonian Squire did ours for us.  John and Wendy are flying out to Buenos Aires next week (Sat), and will be riding around South America for a few months. We are very excited that we should be able to meet them somewhere, as they have been very supportive of our trip.


There is also another couple of lovely people, Chantelle and Todd Powell, who are riding and are now slightly behind us, in Mexico.  These two are from Australia, and are riding on Australian Postie bikes, little 105cc Hondas.  This means they ride a bit slower than us, but they are having a whale of a time, and we love following their antics. Sadly, we missed meeting up with them, but hope to meet them in the future as well.


There’s quite a community of people riding, cycling and driving up and down the Americas, and sometimes it really does help to know they are out there doing the same as us, and swapping information and ideas.