30. Oct, 2016

30.10.16 Chiquimula, Guatemala

Paul has been a bit unwell these last few days. He woke on Thursday feeling under the weather, but managed to struggle on for the couple of days riding to get us here to Chiquimula, where we are about 60 miles away from the border with Honduras.

The last couple of days has been complete rest, and lots of water as Paul is running a temperature.  He's obviously picked up a nasty virus, but it doesn't seem to be related to an insect bite, which is good. We shall stay at this lovely little hotel for as long as we need to, until Paul fully recovers.

The hotel is owned by a lovely lady Carmen, and she and her staff have gone out of their way to be helpful and accomodating, adding a coolbox in to our room to keep drinks nice and cool for Paul.

This has meant me having to practice my Spanish, and luckily Carmen is very patient, whilst I struggle over words, so I am gaining confidence slowly.

It also gives time for a complete break from the relentless heat, and difficult roads of the last few weeks, and think about all the wonderful things we have experienced earlier in the trip and in these beautiful countries.  Everyone we have spoken to in Guatemala is proud of their country, and although it may not have the infrastructures that we're used to, it has a great rhythym, warmth and vitality, plus the Latin american sense of going with the flow.

I must be honest, it probably takes my Westernised head some time to get used to what is not available in these countries, because we are so used to our creature comforts, and although sometimes tricky to get, I could still find most familiar things in the USA.  Here, this is trickier, and I am learning to let go of things that I cannot get, and discovering that yes, actually I can still do perfectly well without them. In this country, and Mexico they are particularly fond of beans (frijoles), as you can imagine, but having them for every meal wears a bit thin unless of course you are really hungry!