9. Nov, 2016

09.11.16 Chiquimula, Guatemala

A week after Paul was taken ill, we are still in Chiquimula. Our days have been filled with recovery and recuperation. Paul is improving quickly. Each day he had three nebuliser treatments followed by a "slapping massage" to his lungs. The physiotherapist told him yesterday that his lungs are almost clear.

The antibiotic cocktail will continue until Friday, when the Doctor will come to check Paul's progress.

Paul is being very patient, at the beginning because he had no choice. He is now chirpy and optimistic for a full recovery meaning that we can continue our trip, once he has rested enough.

Of course, this has been an extremely challenging time for us. Not one we had imagined or hoped for on setting out. Even though we already knew well enough that everything can change in an instant. We had inoculations for many things, but never imagined this one. To know it has caused a lot of stress and worry to our loved ones and friends, is not a good thought.

However, if we can,we want to carry on, as before we will take care to ride within our limits, eat as well as possible, exercise and rest for two or more days a week.

It can be stressful mentally and physically this life we've chosen on the road, with something new at every corner, but it has also been one of the most exciting times of our lives. The memories we have created this far are astounding, we feel both privileged and enthused by life.