13. Nov, 2016

13.11.16 Chiquimula, Guatemala

Paul had improved a great deal over the last few days, I have even heard him saying he is bored now.  A very good sign.


We are waiting to see the Doctor tomorrow, hopefully for the all clear.


Yesterday we had a great afternoon looking at maps and thinking about our onward journey, and getting very enthusiastic about what’s coming.


Also yesterday, Carmen the owner of the hotel, who has befriended us now, invited me along to her decoupage class, which was very enjoyable.  She was making painted and decorated bottles for Christmas, and told me it was her stress relief.  Carmen has been so kind, and it really has been the most wonderful oasis for us at the hostal, the gardens that have been created here are beautiful, the daily visit from the humming bird, other exotic birds, tortoises, and the willingness to make sure that we are properly cared for is astounding.  The kindness of strangers…………..


We are filling our days by small walks, lounging(!), and endlessly visiting the cash machine, as everywhere here takes only cash(!), and it has been quite problematic as the amounts you can withdraw at any one time are relatively small to us.  The machines are also quite temperamental, deciding on a whim if you can or can’t have cash today.  All very different to what we are used to, but we are adapting.