15. Nov, 2016

15.11.16 Chiquimula

Paul was given the all clear by the Doctor yesterday.  We are so happy.


Of course there are a few instructions for the onward journey, things to be careful of, and to make sure Paul rests well, and we must look out for returning symptoms.


I must say though, that Paul is returned and restored to how he was when we first began our trip.  No doubt me, as well.  We’ve had almost three weeks away from riding, with nothing much else to do than rest and recuperate (once Paul began to improve anyway).


On Sunday Carmen gave us a tour of all of Chiquimula, and it’s very attractive surrounds. We learnt the history of the local area, and Carmen was a great guide.  She is truly a star.


This morning we were given a special occasion breakfast of Chicarrones, frijoles, stuffed tortillas, and rice pudding.  It was lovely. Apparently a bon voyage dinner is planned for tonight as well.  We have been treated like royalty here.  How will I ever cope returning to hand washing in the sink?!


So tomorrow we head for Honduras, at last.  We were only ever planning to stay three nights in Guatemala-but someone had other plans for us. It’s not a long ride tomorrow, but there will be a border crossing, so more than enough to contend with on our first day back, then we head to Copan and the famous Copan ruins.


Mexico and Central America are certainly busy places teeming with life, people living there lives, mainly out of doors because of the good weather.  There’s a constant feast of colour and noise like we have never encountered in our lives. Mopeds, motorbikes, lorries, chicken buses, people  walking, an incessant buzz. It never, ever stops. I suppose that is Latin American charm! Charming, it most certainly is.