20. Nov, 2016

19.11.16 Copan to Guama, Honduras


After another filling breakfast we left Copan and its beautiful ruins to head on through Honduras.  Tracy and Troy had left yesterday and had quite a lot of rain on their journey north to the coastline. Troy had also warned us that the road was full of potholes and Topes again (those road bumps are known here as durumbes).


Troy was certainly right, although to start with for us the roads were pretty quiet, probably because it’s Saturday, or perhaps because there’s only one third the population here that there is in Guatemala (5 million here). It was only as we rode toward the major city of San Pedro Sula that the road became busier, with many more trucks, crashing up and down over the lumps and bumps ahead of us.


This all improved as we turned south away from the city, and onto the most lovely dual carriageway.  At the roadside there were a lot of signs about the improvements made to  the roads, showing as they were before (like those we were riding earlier), and how it is now (perfect blacktop).  Sadly, however the road was still populated by the same clapped out vehicles, belching fumes, TukTuks and slow going trucks!


The terrain today was undulating, and more cloudy and misty than we had been used to.  It was much less humid, and the air felt cleaner (when not behind those trucks), which I’m sure will be jolly good for Paul’s lungs. We rode alongside pineapple and coconut groves, and in the populated areas the streets were lined with the most beautiful fruit and vegetable stalls.


Honduran people have beautiful beaming faces, and are very ready to share a smile or a wave with us.


We are staying tonight in a small chalet beside Lake Yojoa, and enjoying the view across this stunning lake.