22. Nov, 2016

20.11.16 Guama to Zamorano, Honduras

We’re still not riding too far each day, so we did not set off untl 10 am this morning, with only a 3 hour ride to go.


The rain had been bucketing down last night, whilst we hunkered down in our little chalet by the lake, it was a beautiful place, and when we awoke this morning, the view across the lake was much clearer and we could see many hills across the other side that we hadn’t seen yesterday.


Once we had packed up, and were ready to leave, the rains came down again, not too hard, just enough to wet our hair as we rapidly put our helmets on.


The rain continued for a fair way, until we rose even higher and were up in the cloud. This didn’t seem to matter today though, because the roads were conitinuing to be really good.  The road surfaces were great, and being a Sunday it was just not busy, all great.  It even continued as a four lane road for much of the journey, past the city of Comayagua, and right up until we entered the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa.  We had decided to ride straight through as the dual carriageway continued.  This had seemed like a good idea, until of course we were right in the centre of the city and there had been an accident! The main road was closed off, we couldn’t see why, but Paul commented that he had seen ‘a lot of the town’s folks having a Sunday outing to go and view death and destruction on the main road!’ It looked like they were drawing up chairs and pick-nicking on the main road.  


So, we filed off behind all the streams of traffic, around the tiny back streets, just hoping that they were all trying to get back to the main road.  They were, thankfully, and after half an hour we were back on our way, the short distance on the other side of the city to tonight’s hotel. Another stunning hotel, owned by Fernando, and run by him and his right hand man Nelson, who welcomed us like old friends and cannot do enough to make our stay comfortable.