22. Nov, 2016

22.11.16 Esteli to Juigalpa, Nicaragua

As the roads here are so brilliant, and we are still making sure not to ride to far each day, our proposed route for the day was only going to take 3 hours.


Lovely, we took a leisurely breakfast, and packed up.  Paul went around to retrieve the bike from the back of the hostel, parked outside the front, and we packed.  Jackets and helmets on, that’s it we’re ready to go. We jump in, and on, and Paul turns the key…… nothing! The battery was flat.  


After all the problems of before, it’s difficult not to jump to the conclusion that the problem is generator based again, particularly after we had an email this morning from Troy and Tracy, who are very near to the border of Nicaragua/Costa Rica.  Yesterday Tracy’s bike refused to start, and everything is pointing to the generator.  They are making their way today to a BMW dealer in the hopes of having the bike mended, and Paul had emailed back some info on the problems we had before  So, back to our problem right now…….. No panic, I told Paul that Bernie (wonderful Bernie on Vancouver Island - remember him?), had told us that we have a new part, and it will all be fine, so it’s probably a blip? (fingers crossed and all that).  Anyway, Paul checked the battery terminals and there was a loose one.  We ran our diagnostics tool to the computer and all fault codes pointed to just a momentary problem.  After Paul tightened the connection, old bikey started like a dream- hurray!


We rode our 230 kilometres, and the bike gave no problems over the day, so looks like Bernie was right again.


The roads did continue to be brilliant, and we rode and took the East side of Lake Nicaragua, avoiding the capital city of Managua, where 80% of the people of the 6 million people who live in the entire country, reside.


Nicaragua continues to be stunning, we have passed endless cigar factories, sugar plantations, coffee factories, and the entire countryside is spotlessly clean.  The peoples are very polite, tidy and clean, but more reserves than the Hondurans.  They are interested in our bike, but won’t necessarily talk to us about it.


There has been warnings for the East coast of Nicaragua about Storm Otto, coming in off the Carribean Islands, and we seem to be feeling the tail end of it here with fairly strong winds, unusual for the time of year, apparently.


Tonight we are staying at a Hacienda in Juigalpa, the area is surrounded by cattle breeders, so hopefully we’re in for a good steak!