27. Nov, 2016

26.11.16 Platanar, Costa Rica to Parque Nacional Puerto Vargas, Costa Rica

What a pleasant surprise Costa Rica has been.  Today we have crossed over to the Caribbean coast, the roads have all been in extremely good condition, and the rivers follow the rules of the road! A real surprise, and very good, apart from the fact that this means we need to overtake slow moving traffic a lot more than normal.  So I’ve been playing my partin checking to see if the coast is clear for manoeuvres today, being that I’m sitting on the traffic side in my sidecar, and that Paul just can’t see much from his position on the right.  It all went well though, we have a code worked out, a tap on the leg for no passing, nothing for ‘it’s clear’ and a real hammering for ‘there’s something coming right now, pull back in!’. The roads seemed surprisingly busy for a Saturday, but I’m guessing that everyone was back out on the roads after the Hurricane threat had passed.


As we rode through the fields upon fields of banana trees, I saw many familiar names on fruit factories, such as Del Monte, and Chiquita. The bananas are kept inside plastic bags on their stalks on the tree, then picked whilst green and packed into a container, where they head for the port of Limon, and are shipped in refrigerated containers all around the world.


We arrived early to our Lodge, Casa Azul Lodge, which is set in the Caihuta National Park, a haven for wildlife. I am sitting here writing this afternoon with the background noise of angry monkeys.  They are sitting in a rose-apple tree, picking off the fruits, opening them and throwing down everything bar the seed in the centre.  As we arrived the receptionist ad to warn me to be careful under the trees lining the route to reception.


We took a walk through the jungle trail accompanied by one of the seven dog that live here. There are four dobermans (two are puppies, two very loud guard dogs!), and 3 allsorts dogs. I managed to get a few bird pictures today.  It was also very exciting seeing the toucans.