9. Dec, 2016

09.12.16 Popayan, Colombia

This morning Paul headed back round to the Honda shop we had found yesterday, whilst I booked our hotel for another night and changed rooms, as our room was booked for tonight.


The staff at Honda Moto welcomed Paul with open arms, and were thrilled by our bike.  He explained what he needed doing, which was for the RotoPax fuel pack mount’s broken bolt to be drilled out, and a replacement supplied.  The lock was also a bit ground away, where the fuel canisters had hit the ground, so he also asked them to sort this out.


I spent the morning researching about the beautiful birds we’ve already seen, and those to look out for in the upcoming countries. The birds are such beautiful colours, it’s like someone has taken a paint palette, and let the birds flap their wings in the brightest colours, the one’s that would contrast the extensive green scenery and blue skies the most. Stunning.  This also applies to the beautiful flowers that grow abundantly along the roadsides.


Paul was told to come back at 12, when the mount would be ready for him. When you returned, the mechanic had removed the bolt, and put a new larger diameter bolt in, which sadly meant that the rest of the parts wouldn’t fit over it.  This meant another hours drilling and re-threading for the poor guy. Even so, once the job was completed, the boss of Honda Moto still told Paul ‘no charge’, one more example of the generosity of people in money and spirit, when you visit a foreign country.


Once Paul was back we headed for a quick scoot around town, with one eye toward the mountains over yonder, as we could already see the forecast rain up there, plus there was distinct rumblings of thunder. We managed to get a few photos, and pick up some essentials that we needed to replenish, before discovering a tiny Arepa shop.  You will remember that the Arepas are a type of corn bread. In this shop, the corn was ground into maize flour, combined with water and cooked in a clay oven.  They could then be split, and re-heated with ingredients inside them.  I chose cheese, and Paul had cheese and ham. They were delicious, a real treat for lunch.


After the Arepas, we headed a bit further into town, before the lightning began to accompany the thunder, and we turned tail, and rushed as quick as possible back to the hotel.


The weather looks better tomorrow, as we head for Pasto, our last stop before the Ecuadorian border, we can see the equator coming very close on the map now.