11. Dec, 2016

10.12.16 Cali, Colombia to Pasto, Colombia

We were up early this morning, as the plan was to ride to Pasto. The ride was going to be 155 miles, but with a projected travel time of 5 hours, so we knew it was likely to be twisty and slow roads.


We were on the road by 8.20 am, and when leaving town, Paul spotted a motorbike with Northern Irish number plates, so he stopped and had a quick chat with the guy packing the panniers. The guy told Paul that he and his wife were headed for the border to Ecuador today, and hoping to get across early tomorrow morning.


We rode away, and about half an hour later, the couple caught and overtook us on the road. We were pleased to see that at the couple were then stopped at a petrol station,  half an hour further down the road. We had a lovely chat, and introduced ourselves properly.  They were Donald and Ann McCarthy, from Northern Ireland, and had begun their motorcycle trip on 28th November, after flying themselves and their bike into Bogota airport.  Donald had visited South America before, and was now hoping to share the experiences he enjoyed with Ann.


During the day, we stopped and shared soft drinks, and a bite to eat with them, and it made a nice change for us to do so. We have swapped details, and hope to stay in touch, maybe meeting up again further down the road somewhere.


The only word to describe the scenery of the route we rode today is ‘stunning’, the undulating mountains of shiny, smooth looking green, so bright it almost hurt our eyes.  These mountains rise so high, and yet we were riding on the road above them for much of the day. The temperature alternated between hot and dry, hot and humid, and cool (the most comfortable).


It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, where once again I experienced the feeling of being ‘in my own dream’, the countryside is that which I had been imagining since we first decided to come to South America. Our journey through the Andes has truly begun.