14. Dec, 2016

13.12.16. Ibarra, Ecuador to Salcedo de San Miguel, Ecuador

For the last two days we have been lucky enough to share our time with Troy and Tracy, the guys we met at the Guatemala/Honduras border.


They have been just a few days behind us for a while now, and we are all very pleased to catch up with each other.


Troy & Tracy had a much smoother border crossing than us from Colombia to Ecuador, taking only 2 ½ hours, so they arrived at where we were already staying yesterday around 3pm, bringing along another guy, Martin, a German guy they had met at the border.


The quinta (old farm) we were staying at was just lovely.  It was run by a family, who were super friendly and could not do enough for us. There were also extensive views over the lake and the volcano Imbabura. The volcano is dormant, and has been for 14,000 years, but not extinct.


The gardens were full of avocados, passion fruits, bananas, beautiful bougainvillea of many colours, and plenty of colourful birds visiting. The property was situated at the bottom of some hills, that were apparently peppered with arrowheads and pottery from days gone by.


The evening was spent swapping stories of the road, plus hopes, dreams and aspirations, although being that we’re such hardened bikers we were all off to bed by 9pm.


The chatting and banter continued this morning at breakfast, before we all made a rather late start at 10.30 ish and headed off separately, but each making for the equatorial line at Cayambe.


It was exciting to be midway between the South and North pole, particularly when Troy and Tracy turned up, as they have both visited the South Pole, and Troy has also been to the North pole. We are now in the Southern hemisphere for the first time in our lives, and the most exciting thing about that is that the toilet water runs the other way wound in the bowl!


After that we took the E35 highway which cut us across and back to the Pan American highway.  At one point we rode up extremely high, and the temperature dropped to a chilling 8 degrees centigrade thanks to a glorious snow capped mountain that dominated the skyline.


Tonight we had a Churrasco (a huge steak, eggs, chips, avocado and salad) supper each, and a tasty meringue for pud.