24. Dec, 2016

24.12.16 Nasca, Peru

So, here we are in Nasca, in the desert for the celebration of Christmas.  More importantly perhaps for us a good few days rest.  


We left Ica yesterday morning, and it was only as short ride of 100 miles to Nasca, where we had arranged to meet up with British couple, John and Wendy Decker.  We have known of John and Wendy for over a year, since we had our sidecar attached to the bike by Watsonian Sidecars in the Cotswolds.  In fact we had seen their bike with the sidecar being attached to it in the workshop when we had gone to collect ours last November, 2015.


Paul & John had been communicating via a website forum since then and they have been following our journey since we left.  John & Wendy began their journey in Buenos Aires in November 2016 and have been riding North ever since, having already visited Argentina and Bolivia before coming into Peru.


We chose the Nasca Hacienda Oasis hotel which is a lovely little place in the desert backing onto the mountains, with friendly staff.


We arrived just past check-in begin time at 1pm, and ten minutes later we heard the pop-popping of another bike, turned and there they were. We had finally met John and Wendy.


We spent the rest of the day getting to know each other, swapping stories and laughing.


For the next couple of days we shall be resting, swimming, enjoying the warmth of the desert.

We also heard yesterday that Troy and Tracy may also be joining us tomorrow, so we shall look forward to that too.