29. Dec, 2016

27.12.16 Nasca to Camana, Peru

After an early rise this morning, we enjoyed our last breakfast with John & Wendy.


It really has been interesting meeting up with the (Desmo) Deckers, who have their sidecar attached to a larger bike than ours.  They started their journey in Buenos Aires 6 weeks ago, and have another lovely 5 weeks to fill.  They have already visited the Salt Flats at Uyuni, Bolivia, and Cusco in Peru, where they made a very long day trip (3am-11pm) to visit Machu Picchu.  They have had a wonderful time, and it was great to share stories and enthusiasms together (as well as Pisco Sours and Pina Coladas).  No doubt we shall meet again in the UK sometime in the future.


We left the hotel, with a sad look back and made our separate ways aong the same route, John & Wendy heading in search of a campsite to pitch their tent, for a few days, and us with a definite destination in Camana.


With rested bodies and renewed enthusiasm it wasn’t long before we were thoroughly enjoying the scenery of the Pan American Highway.  It all seemed less grubby, the faces were a tiny bit more smiley, and the scenery was becoming mountainous in places, with contrasting colours.  All that whilst riding with the Pacific Ocean at the right of us for most of the day again. A wonderful blue, lined with long sandy beaches, and huge waves. Stunning.


After 240 miles along the same road, we found our destination. Hmm, how to describe? A glorified beach hut maybe? Still, it’s very close to one of those sandy beaches.  We went on a fools errand to the sandy shores lined with tiny restaurants, which weren’t serving any food (?), and where the bar we chose had to go and buy their drinks from elsewehere before they could serve us.  But the view, just wonderful.


Eventually we took a chance on a roadside shack restaurant ‘El Escorpion’ and ate heartily of chicken, cooked to perfection and served scalding hot with an extremely hot pepper on the side.  I only raised this pepper to my lips, and stuck my tongue on the tiniest part, and it felt like my mouth had been forced into a roaring fire!


Tomorrow we start heading inland for the first time in Peru, so we shall see what that brings.