29. Dec, 2016

28.12.16 Camana, Peru to Arequipa, Peru

We managed to sleep surprisingly well in the strange place we had picked to stay last night, despite the three cockroaches in the bathroom.  We had reminded ourselves of the place back in Panama for Paul’s birthday with the rationed generated electricity, and thought ‘well, it’s not that bad!’.  The accommodation in Peru so far has been a real mixed bag for us, but nothing dirty enough for us to take in our own bedlinen (yet!).


There was no breakfast supplied, so before long we were off like the wind, overtaking the slow going vehicles, before making our turn inland away from the sea.


We stopped by some roadside bamboo constructed shops, three in a row all selling the same things, crisps, sweets and milk from the area.


After a nutritious crisp and coke breakfast, we were back out in the busy traffic, this time passing by alot of agricultural land, sheep, cows, dairies advertising milk, yogurt and mozzarella cheese. All these green fields are neatly set amongst the remaining sand dunes.


Suddenly in the distance the ghostly outline of mountains appeared looking ten times as high as the rocky little mountains that were distinctly in our vision. We’re back near to the Andes. Exciting! We’re very much looking forward to seeing what’s to come.


The day was going really well, we only had 3 hours riding, and when stopping at a minimarket I managed to buy rice, tuna, stock cubes and restock our pantry.  We felt happy, with only 12 miles to go.

Oh dear, I had the hotel marked on Google Maps, so clearly, and the route was to take us straight there.  Do you think we could find it? An hour and a half later, after going round and round, up vertical climbing streets, and dodging one-way systems, we finally found the hotel inside a gated neighbourhood, behind further gates (of somewhere we had visited ½ hour earlier!).  Slightly frustrating, but when we arrived there is plenty of secure parking, and a very decent room for the night.  Happiness soon returned.