11. Jan, 2017

11.01.17 Coronel Moldes, Argentina to Cafayate, Argentina- Day 206

We had a later start today, as it was only to be a short journey to Cafayate, where we had arranged to meet up with Wendy and John, the other sidecar couple.


John and Wendy’s plans were to camp, our most definitely not! The weather forecast was showing thunderstorms for this afternoon, so hopefully the tent would be up before then.


Anyway, we wandered off about 11, and had a lovely ride alongside the lake lined with mountains.


About 30 minutes into the ride, and all of a sudden on the side of the road there was a van, and behind the van were John and Wendy on their sidecar.


It turned out that the people in the van had been filming the Dakar Rally for a local news station, they were on their way back, and had spotted John & Wendy riding along and started to film them!


Having stopped, the film crew were adding a tiny camera onto the front of Wendy’s sidecar so they could film them going along for a while.


The double excitement caused when we then pulled up behind the first sidecar was immense!  There followed a period of time where we were interviewed by the news team, filmed by normal camera, and by a drone camera in the sky.  They wanted us to say ‘Argentina, world friendly’, and ‘visit Argentina’ into the camera whilst looking really excited!


The news guys took all our email addresses, so hopefully we shall receive a link to the edited version of their piece when they’ve produced it. They told me I looked like Judi Dench (not the first time I’ve been told that).


After that excitement, we enjoyed a leisurely drive through the red rock lined roads, which were breathtaking, in tandem. We snapped photos of each other in the sidecars, so that we can share them.


Arriving at Cafayate we parted, and we settled into our hotel, whilst John & Wendy managed to get their tent up before the thunderstorm set in.  The storm lasted about an hour, and the ironic thing was John & Wendy stayed dry, whilst we discovered that the roof in our room leaked all over our bed!


Of course, when we shared this information with Wendy & John when we met up for dinner, they thought it was hilarious.


We spent a great evening on the square, sharing dinner and watching the world go by. When we took a stroll around the square on the way back to the hotel about 10pm, all the Argentinians were just heading out to enjoy the music, dancing, juggling, chatting, before their evening meal begins at 10.30pm.

Today we are watching the Dakar Rally passing through town, sadly the racing stage today has been cancelled, due to a landslide caused by heavy rains yesterday on the route of the race. The extremely sad part of this is that local people in a village were killed by the landslide. This was about 200 miles North of where we currently are.  A harsh reality indeed.