13. Jan, 2017

13.01.17 Chanarmuyo, Argentina to San Jose de Jachal, Argentina

During our ride today, it was very hot again, but mainly overcast today. It seemed a long day, mainly because there were a lot of long roads through scrubland, that were straight and went on for miles, surrounded by hazy scenery.


There was however one very beautiful road which took us up through red mountains following the Ruta 40, and there were plenty of places to stop, and admire the view.  We rose to 2,000 metres, which we used to consider high!


As has become the norm these last few days, there was very little traffic other than us, which is such a joy after months of frantic traffic.


This afternoon, we saw Condor birds on the road in front of us, who took off as we drew nearer.  A spectacular sight that unfortunately I didn’t capture on photograph.


We have a small overnight apartment in San Jose de Jachal, and have just been along to the tiny supermarket to collect items for tea, as there is a fridge (a real luxury these days). Funny thing is about the shops here in Argentina, well to us anyway, is that they close between 1.30 and 5pm.  I’m guessing it’s just too hot to go out shopping between those times.


We’ve made the most of the wi-fi here and been planning our next few nights stops.  This is not something we normally do in advance, but we have hit peak season, high summer and everywhere, particularly alongside Ruta 40 is getting booked up. The further South we go, the more popular the area is as we head back toward the Andes, and the Argentine Lake District in Patagonia.