14. Jan, 2017

14.01.17 San Jose de Jachal, Argentina to Mendoza, Argentina

Even when we started off this morning, it was already pretty warm, our faces were rosy cheeked pretty quickly.


It was another long straight road for most of the ride today, with the exception of heading around San Juan on our way to Mendoza.  Mendoza is the capital of the Mendoza region, and once again a major attraction on the wine route (I’m sensing a theme here).


The day was passed in our normal way of waving to vehicles who flash their lights coming towards us, or to those cars beeping alongside us, (this normally means that the passing car wants to take a photo or a video, and we need to wave on cue).


This really is such a pleasure, those grinning faces, or thumbs up we receive all day long certainly help to keep us motivated.


As it was a Saturday today, we also saw lots of cyclists out riding together, dressed in their lycra outfits, just like at home.


The day got hotter, but only to 35 degrees celsius today.  It’s a funny feeling, as it’s such a dry heat, you really don’t sweat hardly at all, but it does feel HOT, especially with all our riding gear on.


Mendoza’s roads were quiet when we arrived, which we were thankful for, as our hotel was near to the centre.  


Hotel Grand Balbi. Hmm, a little overstated perhaps. I think it’s grandeur may have been in the past, although it has a wonderful lift with a metal concertina gate, which needs to be pulled open to step in, and you can see through to the floors as you ascend.


However, the best bit about the hotel was Basil Fawlty on arrival!  As you can imagine, being so hot means we cannot wait to get into our room, and cool down.  We arrived at 2.15 pm, and I asked for directions to the car park, which was around the back of the building.  Paul took the bike round whilst I checked in.  At 2.30pm Paul came in and I was still waiting.  Basil had welcomed me, but he also saw to several other people at the same time.  There was an absolute cascade of paperwork, which required magnifying glasses, and a lot of show and explanation to us. Finally, at 2.45pm we were checked in and taken to our room, by which time we were hanging! Still, a good room with air conditioning soon made up for that.  After a rest, a McDonalds to eat (!) and a quick nip around the local Carrefour we were more than restored.


Ready to go another day, in fact.