20. Jan, 2017

20.01.17 Junin de los Andes, Argentina to San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

We waved goodbye to El Capitan, (an extremely large great dane type dog) and his owner, Alberto this morning.  El Capitan was fantastic, he was a superb guard dog, barking whenever anyone came near his territory and therefore alerting Alberto when you needed attention, but also an absolute softy for wanting a stroke, or a lie down at your feet.


Junin had been very enjoyable to rest and revive ourselves in, with a great little town plaza surrounded with places to eat and drink, and people watch.  We also visited the beautiful river yesterday, and just sat for a while.


Today took us through some really busy tourist towns on the way to Bariloche.  This is obviously where the Argentinians holiday, either in summer, or winter when they can ski.  There are endless lakes along this route, and the scenery reminded us of Canada, Norway and at times Switzerland. Once again we saw queues beyond imagining lining up for petrol, and the banks!  It really is astounding, to us.  In one petrol queue, there must have been 50 cars and bikes waiting.


The rest of the ride into town was great, and when we arrived at the hotel our good friend Troy was there to greet us.  Troy is one half of the Alaskan team of Troy and Tracy.  Tracy is currently off visiting the Galapagos Isles and Machu Picchu with his wife Mary Lee, so Troy is travelling alone for three weeks.  You can read more of their adventures on http://crossingtheamericas.com/  


The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent idling away the time in the most enjoyable way of chatting and eating.