21. Jan, 2017

21.01.17 San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina to Esquel, Argentina

Not far today, just a four hour 180 mile run, which at first was quite busy along Ruta 40, taking us away from the lovely town of San Carlos de Bariloche along to the next busy town of El Bolson.


El Bolson looked set up for all kinds of winter and summer sports, and was absolutely heaving with traffic, with the usual queues for petrol and money from the cash machines.  


The ride was a stunning continuation from the other day through the lakes, and snow topped mountain sides, before it took us out into the pampas lands again.  I have a feeling that from here onwards we will be alone a lot more, which is a very pleasurable way to ride.  Tomorrow we turn east from Ruta 40, to cut across the country to the east coast, before our descent to Ushuaia begins.  Hotels are more sparse, so we may have a few longer days, but we’ll still try to take our time.


It was a real pleasure to catch up with Troy yesterday.  We’re so lucky to have met such lovely people on our trip, so many of whom we are still in contact with, one way or the other.  We have plenty of nice people to come back and visit in the future.


We find ourselves tonight in a busy coach hotel, where the majority of guests are tourists.  It’s noisy, shabby and not a lot of fun, with a constant stream of coaches dropping off outside the door downstairs, and leaving their engines running for half an hour at a time.  Just when we think we’ve adjusted to the constant noise of a country, we suddenly find ourselves saying ‘oh my goodness, it’s unbelieveable, so loud!’.  

Last night we waited with Troy at the hotel for his friend to arrive, who was driving for 5 hours from Chile.  They were planning to head off into the hills hiking today.  As we waited, it was getting up towards 11pm.  Of course, we thinking about heading in to bed, whilst all the Argentinians were heading out to get their dinner!  I’m not sure we’d ever quite adjust to that custom.  We’d been down and had ours at 7.30pm, that seemed quite late enough.  Tonight we’ve treated ourselves to a supermarket picnic of salami and cheese, we’re pretty contented with that.