22. Jan, 2017

22.01.17 Esquel, Argentina to Sarmiento, Argentina.

Well, I’d love to say we had a great night’s sleep last night. But we really didn’t!

Well, perhaps Paul did? I mentioned that we were staying in a very busy tourist hotel, but what I didn’t say was it was rather run down. It wasn’t the cheapest hotel in town, and it really wasn’t cheap at all, at $80 US. Our door was hanging off the hinges, the bathroom threshold strip had come away and we couldn’t shut that door, and it was all very haphazard, unkempt and a bit grimy.

Our problems though, really began when one of us used the toilet and the flush broke. No matter, Paul asked them and they came and mended it. This was probably late afternoon…. The problems became much worse at bedtime, after I used the flush, came out of the bathroom and lie down. Paul was instantly asleep, but I lay there tossing and turning as the most horrendous noise of water gushing into the toilet reverberated around the room. I went to investigate, sure enough the flush was broken again, and this time it would not stop refilling.

I considered the options, grabbed a pair of earplugs, and tried to sleep. I thought, well I’ll tell them in the morning. I slept fitfully, until at 2am I could stand the noise no more, and woke Paul to tell him I was off to find someone to mend the toilet. I did find someone, the guy at reception, and he came to help. However, I was astounded that no-one else had complained about the horrendous noise! It could be heard all along the corridor and halfway down the stairs.

After managing to drop off, I was not in the best of moods this morning, especially when the toilet broke again. What a dump, we were extremely happy to leave there.

Today’s ride was 200 miles along Ruta 40, before turning east toward the end of the day onto Ruta 26. It was a ride busy with vehicles, all types, carrying quads and the like, plus quite a lot of caravans, which we haven’t really seen since North America.

Once again, it was necessary to queue for petrol, there were perhaps 20 vehicles ahead of us. Petrol stations are just so few and far between, we have to get it whilst we can.

We reached Sarmiento around 4pm, rode to the hotel, where we were lucky enough to find Pat Sherma staying. Pat is a French man who lives in Washington DC, and is friends with several people that we know of, and have met. He saw us ride past in Esquel last night, but tonight we have a chance to swap stories.