5. Feb, 2017

05.02.17 Puerto de San Julian, Argentina to Rada Tilly, Argentina

Not long into our journey today, the wind blew our souls straight out of our bodies and then tormented us all day with a pretty continuous headwind.


The result was a spectacularly difficult day, resulting in ringing ears, and aching bodies.  We didn’t even manage to break the difficulties by raising a laugh with each other.  But hey ho, we always knew the run up to Buenos Aires from Ushuaia was going to be a tough one because a) our destination was always Ushuaia, the end of the world and b) We’ve already ridden 900 miles of the route going South, and therefore knew that the road runs through a large expanse of nothing, populated only by six towns alongside the road.  The rest is barren, volcanic lands with a smattering of Rhea birds and Guanacos. Oh ys, and we saw a very small armadillo crossing the road today.


This means that we really must dig very deep for self-motivation to keep going, when we feel like the trip is over, but there is still a long way to go.  Over the months we have talked of various ways to deal with this inevitable ‘final run’, taking a different route back, finding attractions or places of interest to visit, and even taking a four week cargo boat home, which is a cost effective possibility for us.  But no, we always suspected and it appears to be proving to be right, that once you feel like you’re done, you just want to head home as quickly as possible.


With just 10 kilometres to go today we were stopped at a Police check and asked to show our passports, for the second time in two days. For the previous four weeks in Argentina, we’ve always been waved on through, but I guess that’s just the way it goes.


We are now ensconced in our apartment, a lovely modern little place, and I’ll be cooking up a storm of rice and tuna shortly.


I think a bit of tv and early to bed is in order, before hopefully waking refreshed and raring to go again tomorrow.