6. Feb, 2017

06.02.17 Rada Tilly, Argentina to Gaiman, Argentina

Well, after yesterday when our heads had dropped a bit low today could not have been more of a contrast…..


The ride, another 250 miles today went smoothly.  There was still some residual winds, at first head on again, but later in the day they switched around to our rear and pushed us along instead.  The weather cleared and the day became warmer, and with the rising celsius we found our spirits rising again.  Maybe that’s all we needed, a bit of sun to make us smile again.


We arrived in Gaiman around 3.30pm.  Gaiman is a town that was settled in the late 1800’s by Welsh people.  Their Welsh traditions and architecture have been preserved to this day, and the town is a wonderful thing to see with it’s Welsh flags, and welsh names everywhere. The town is peppered with tea rooms.


We are staying at Gwesty Plas y Coed, a Welsh tea room with rooms.  Of course Paul was desperate to try out the tea, and had a wonderful plate of Welsh cake, fruit cake, scones, sandwiches, drop scones, custard tart- all very tasty.  


The wonderful thing here at the tea rooms is that the owner is Spanish, but speaks excellent English in a Welsh accent! She is passionate about Wales and has visited 5 times.  The tea rooms are decorated in everything conceivably Welsh you could think of.


We visited the museum in the town and a railway tunnel that has been turned into a museum.  The guide was very interesting and conveyed a passion for his town, which he says everyone who lives here has.


Tonight we have made an arrangement to meet Dakar Motos at Buenos Aires airport on Monday to begin the process for the air freighting of our bike, which will take 4 days.  We have also booked our own flights, and will definitely be back in Blighty on Sunday 19th February!