14. Feb, 2017

11.02.17 Bahia Blanca to Azul, Argentina. Day 237

Only one more night’s sleep and we’ll be in Buenos Aires.  It’s still going to be a week before we fly home, so hopefully once the bike is ready for air freight, then we’ll have some time to have a look at downtown Buenos Aires.


Last night in Bahia Blanca, we met with Patrick again, which was great.  Patrick was very relaxed as he’d had two days off and treated himself to something to remember his trip by:  A tattoo of his sticker design, which includes a penguin, the letters KLR (the model of his bike), and Ushuaia, Argentina.  It’s on his leg, his first tattoo at 63 years old, and he’s very proud of it!  We were gettng swept along in the moment and almost found ourselves agreeing to have matching Ushuaia tattoos, before coming to our senses!


We set off this morning after a little wait for someone to move his car, so that we could leave the hotel car park, then we were on our way.  Google maps had chosen us a route for the 200 mile journey which took us away from Ruta 3 for the first time in almost three weeks.  It was great, a quiet road, with different scenery as we are now in the Pampas region of Argentina.  In this region there are many more fruits and veggies grown and sold, and I could smell the trees, which was wonderful after all that barrenness for so long.


We pulled into a petrol station, and lo and behold there was Patrick sitting outside in the sun, chuffing away on his cigarette, whilst drinking his obligatory cafe-au-lait, and eating a croissant- of course, what else for a French man?


We didn’t ride on together even though our destinations for the day are similar, as Patrick, like us, enjoys riding alone, pleasing himself.  We did pass him one more time as he had stopped for a break.  It was a shame he wasn’t the other side of the roundabout as then he would have seen Paul raising me high into the air in the sidecar, where the roundabout shape caught him out a little bit!.. I smacked his leg, and he turned laughing to me- it’s a funny old sensation being lifted up, and after almost 32,000 miles Paul’s certainly used to the whims of old bikey now!


Patrick wanted us to go to his hotel tonight, and tried to sell it to us by saying ‘it has karaoke!’.  We opted to go with our original plan, which is an estancia (old grand house) tucked into the countryside away from the main road, with woods and a river nearby.  No doubt we’ll be encouraged into more of Patrick’s ways again tomorrow night when we’ll all be back together again.  This will mean at the least one or two glasses of alcohol, many cigarettes (Patrick only), and definitely no karaoke!