14. Feb, 2017

14.02.17 Buenos Aires Airport, Argentina

Yesterday, we went to meet Javier and Sandra from Dakar Motos to check over the paperwork, and receive instructions for the packing and preparation of the motorcycle and sidecar.  They have over 10 years experience of airfreighting motorcycles around the world and speak superb English, which is wonderful.  We’d contacted them only two weeks prior to arriving in Buenos Aires and they are very accommodating.

We visited their home office with Patrick, taking a taxi, as it was still raining cats and dogs.  After having been there about 10 minutes, another lady, Michelle arrived on her bike (which is the same as Patrick’s, a Kawasaki KLR650).  Michelle is having to return home to Las Vegas to return to work after a 4 month trip with her husband, beginning in Vegas, but sadly for her ending in Buenos Aires.  Michelle’s husband is riding on alone to reach Ushuaia before he returns home.


The details took around an hour, and we left clutching the photocopies of important documents required for customs clearance, and a list of do’s and don’ts for packing.


We are only allowed to send items with the bike that relate to the bike, ie: tools, riding clothes, boots, helmets.  No personal belongings or camping equipment are allowed, no liquids, gases, or sprays. So, we spent a few hours emptying the bike, sifting through items and discarding those that we’ve carried for 8 months and never used! (Not that many in the end.)


I wasn’t going to be allowed into the cargo area, so I stayed behind this morning.  Patrick and Paul set off in the rain at 10, to make the 10 minute journey to the airport where they met up again with Michelle, and spent a productive 2 hours removing screens, disconnecting batteries, trying to get the last drops of petrol out without too much success!  They had Franco from the freight forwarding company to guide them through every step. The customs men checked the bikes and Paul and Patrick were free to go, excellent news! They returned pronto in a taxi.


We’re hoping to meet up with Michelle for dinner tomorrow night, as we move hotels to spend our last three nights in Argentina in downtown Buenos Aires.  Home is getting nearer everyday!